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How to choose a portable wireless printer

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 This is a time where people are constantly moving. Our program is available at your fingertips, we are dedicated to our email in our hands, and of course we have our cell phones glued to our ears all the time. Therefore, it is not surprising that an increasing number of devices that have been confined to the office today are designed to be able to move with us. A good example is - portable printer.
wireless printer

Designed to be compact and streamlined to be effective, the printer can be placed wherever you go, giving you the ability to print important documents immediately, whenever you need it, regardless of where you are in this moment. Of course, business travelers are most advantageous mobile printer because they can take printouts of your documents via your laptop from any location, whether in a hotel or on an airplane. Most of them find this practice is invaluable, because it gives them the opportunity to maximize the use of time.

Benefits and uses of a portable wireless printer

In addition to being rich in functionality and efficiency, portable printers typically weigh less than five pounds, making it easy to carry a card or a briefcase. Many of them do not even require an electric power source, which is controlled by a cigarette lighter adapter, AC adapter, or NiMH, NiCd or lithium ion. In addition, most portable printers can be configured to operate as a desktop printer at home too. In addition, they are high in speed and quality as well, which offers print quality is as good as desktop printers, which can churn quickly.

When a portable wireless printer is taken during a business trip, which can be used to print the following:

Photographs of property or products that can be given to customers.
Web pages that can be shared with colleagues at meetings.
Presentations in PowerPoint as a backup - This is useful if you can change your presentation during the journey.
Boarding passes for air travel.
You can even print contracts.
Driving directions taken from a website online maps.

What to look for when choosing a portable wireless printer

When it comes to choosing a portable printer, most printing companies are these days. Canon, HP, Brother or any of the other brands offer a choice of more and wider. There are printers that are capable of handling documents in black and white or full, or images that are photographic quality, or even those that can produce laser high definition output.

Of course, your specific needs will help you decide what is the right model. For example, what impression do you need? Will you need color prints or not? Is the print quality to be an important factor? And what will be the volume of printing?

Starting inkjet portable printer: Among all types, inkjet is considered the most versatile. They can be used for the production of texts, photos, graphics and. The quality and accuracy mainly depends on the dpi or dots per inch. Other dots per inch, the better the quality in terms of sharpness of images or text, and the colors and shadows in the images.

However, the dpi can vary depending on the type of ink used, as well as fonts, colors and shadows. You will need to verify the quality itself, which is best accomplished by a good reputation for a demonstration. The inkjet printers use different types of paper depending on the task you need to do, and the type of paper used can influence the quality of printing. For example, it requires photo paper for printing photos, and more onerous obligations will be used to print business letters for reports and other documents.

Or that the portable laser printer: If you need to make frequent presentations that require hundreds of pages printed, the printer portable laser would be a better choice, especially for printing in black and white. While the initial cost may be about $ 700.00, but laser printers use toners which are long-term, instead of ink cartridges, which are expensive. Therefore, if you need for printing high volume on the road, a portable laser printer will be cheaper in the end.

Maybe the thermal mobile printer is what you need: If all you need to print receipts and invoices may be a thermal printer for your needs. Initially, fax, use this method of transfer printing, but then changed toner plain paper, thermal paper as it is expensive. If you choose this printer is a good idea to find a good supplier and make economical use of paper. In general, thermal printers are less expensive compared to other printers because they do not use ink or toner.

There are very light hybrid thermal printers that can work with laptops, PDAs and smart phones, which are only 0.70 inches thick, weighing less than ten grams, and is capable of producing up to 4 ppm and 300 dpi.

Like many products available on the market today, mobile printers are another example of the growing trend of the elements that are rich in comfort and versatility, which promises to radically change the traditional work environment.

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