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Wireless Printer HP Officejet Pro X576dw review

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HP Officejet Pro Wireless X576dw is a multifunction ink-jet device to see businesses.We "commented several times recently with the launch of several inkjet printers, high-speed, business-centric all-in-one (AIO) ink as the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus and the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4590, the line between inkjet and laser printing technology is quickly fading. These and other models of ink jet printing high volume almost as fast as laser printers do, and they offer a comparable cost or the cost of consumables per page (CPP).

wireless printer HP

Unlike a regular inkjet printer, you must wait for the page are small heads, large heads in X576dw covers the entire width of the page, while the flow of paper underneath without a break. The speed increase is noticeable, and HP has a print speed of 70 ppm in the proposed configuration, which is fast enough to embarrass a departmental laser printer.
792Mhz processor of the Officejet Pro X576dw is very powerful and can use other features, such as scanning to a USB device while the X576dw printing, we detected no delay in the attempt.
Having experienced rapid ultra Lomond EvoJet, we were ready for the incredible speed printing, but we do not get on our first attempt. The default setting for professional favors quality over speed, but X576dw test yet completed our 25-page text at 32 ppm. Set to Branch, who won the same event in 45.5ppm, including the time needed to spool the print job that is an exact match for the EvoJet. Timeout over 100 pages, printed on more than one page per second.
This printer uses unique terms of print quality, what is wrong with Draft, Normal and High?
The X576dw delivered our test color in a beautiful 22.5ppm, but with a quality 34.3ppm stolen by DG - color faster than we've ever seen result. He also delivered one of the fastest duplex (double-sided) that we have seen, printing 10 parts of five colors on leaves in 33 seconds.
mparing this HP MFP for most inkjet models there is not logical. In all aspects of speed, volume and MPC-X576dw (and other machines OfficeJet X) are designed to compete with mid-range laser printers, such as the list $ 649 Dell C3760 single function printer Color Laser $ 569.99 at Dell.
Overall, we found the MFP X576dw impressive, with very few defects. It's fast, it prints two business documents and photographs very well and is inexpensive to use once you have made the investment in the printer. This beast large volume is well worthy choice nod of writing, and we are sure that small offices and small businesses with high-volume printing needs, find the height and then some.
We are not big fans of HP scan simplified interface, but good enough for general office
Copy quality is high, as the print quality, even if there was a subtle visible pixelation in general office settings. The photographs had no effect on plain paper, however, and HP did not provide their ColorLok paper recommended test. Scans were sharp, with accurate colors and good dynamic range, although there have been some visible artifacts.
The use of black and color cartridges for HP 971XL 970XL, color and black printing cost Page 3.3per costs only 0.8p per page. The X576dw not cheap to buy, but it is very cheap to maintain. The X576dw can not match the print quality of a similar color laser MFP expensive, but its low maintenance cost and speed are much better, earning companies purchase price.

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