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HP Photosmart 6520 : wireless printer

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wireless printer wireless printer
When people realize that at Staples sometimes publish my opinion on a product that I use (such as laptop bags), asked if he would be willing to try some specific products and give them honest feedback.I mention that only review products that really need / use ourselves, and we are currently in the market for a printer / scanner to replace our old confidence of the HP scanner and even older Canon printer in our HP office.We sent a WiFi printer to try!hp-wireless-printer-scanner-copierIs the HP Photosmart 6520 Wireless Printer / copier / scanner. (Send and receive faxes without using a phone line too.)Jim and I are in love with this printer. It does everything we want ... and more.Here's our review ...

First Impressions

The hardest thing about this printer was out of the box ... literally!It was recorded as strong, which had instructions on how to remove all tape and get to the safety of the printer.While the film was a little intimidating, but it was there for a good reason - nothing more broke or moved during transport.The printer itself was very easy to configure. In less than 30 minutes when all was said and done.It would have been even faster and easier if the HP ePrintCenter no maintenance at the exact time we plug our new printer. We had to install the software, rather than walk through the steps of HP ePrint line configuration.

TIP: Be very careful when you download things like software and applications. For example, we had to uncheck the box that would automatically install the Bing toolbar, among other things.


Wireless printers are printing a breeze

While the HP Photosmart 6520 is a printer connected to the Internet - which means that it is wireless, so no wires connecting the printer to your computer - you can connect nonwirelessly if you want (or do not have an Internet connection). You simply use your own USB cable to connect between the two, and no supply.But the best thing about this printer is that it is wireless. So the truth, you do not even need a computer!This means that you can place in any room of the house and on any computer in the house can print to it. In fact, no one would e-mail address of the printer can print to it - you're at home, in your city, in your car, or across the country.You can even select an e-mail address for the sake of the printer ... so it will be easy for you (and your friends or family) to remember.I've heard many people use this function to send and receive photos on the fly. Photos will be printed automatically and meanwhile the receiver - without any interaction by the recipient. It is ideal for grandparents who love to have recent photos of her grandchildren! Even saw a representative of HP faces a unique email address on QVC one day. He then showed the pictures that were live on the air the entire segment. Very cool.This is how you can send whatever you want to send to the printer. But sometimes you can not physically connect to send an e-mail. In this case, just use this printer as a cloud!How to use as a  cloud  printer
As a cloud printer,you (or someone you invite to private use) just select the printer from the list and print anything immediately - no need to send an attachment in an email.Just go through a printing service in the cloud. (Use your HP ePrint email only to identify the printer.)HP Photosmart-6520-printer-copier-scannerWe use Google Cloud Print for it. It's free and simple. This allows you to print from a Chrome browser or several applications directly to the printer of your choice.Apple has a print cloud application for the Mac is also free.Will probably use this printer as a cloud most of the time. The only time I can see that we would use the email method to ship items to the printer, it is when we are away from home and you want to print something from our smartphones, or when we travel out of the city and we want to print something in house.

There is also a fax machine! 

One of the advantages of this printer is that it is also a fax machine. You simply register with eFax first, it's free.Then you can send up to 20 pages per month for free and receive up to 20 pages per month for free.It is a sweet setup if no fax much and just have the capacity available for faxing for those rare occasions when you need it.For our business office printing needs at home, start by eFax to send and receive faxes for free. Then we moved to the center ring where our fax volume increased. In addition, we got a free phone number for the company through the central ring.

Other interesting features 

Jim (who does most of the printing for the host company) was delighted to see how quick and easy it is to print envelopes, checks and forms of the printer.It also happens look great on your desk!It has most of the standard features you would see in a good printer:

Prints 12 pages per minute with black ink and 8.5 pages per minute in color ink
Copy 6.5 pages per minute with black ink, 5.5 pages per minute in color ink
To 1200 x 600 dpi print resolution up to 2400 dpi scan resolution
Feeding 80-sheet input tray, 20-sheet photo tray and output tray, 20-sheet
Prints up to 8.5 "x 14" scan up to 8.5 "x 11"
Compatible with Windows and MacWe did not used to not print a lot of photos, but now we can because the quality is very good. It is also quick and easy to do with this printer. The quality is very good, as seen in the photo.Hp-printer qualityNot only affordable printer itself, but printer ink is also a very reasonable price. For comparison, we paid about $ 40 to replace 2 cartridges HP Deskjet 812 for our every few months (No. 12 Black Ink Cartridge HP 23 and HP color ink cartridge). Now, we pay about $ 46 to replace four printer cartridges HP No. 564 Black Ink combo HP / Original color) every few months.

NOTE: This printer can use two original ink cartridges (or regular) and high performance (or XL) cartridges. There are significant differences between the HP printer cartridges regular forehead high efficiency. We use cheaper ink origin / Normal, because they do not print that much, and the amount of ink in the cartridges would dry out before use.There is a HP ePrint application that, among other things, will show the HP ePrint close around you. This is useful if you are away from home and need to print something quickly where you are. Here is the Android version we use.Remember, you do not even need a computer to use the HP Photosmart 6520 printer. There is a "touch screen 3.45 to the front of the machine, so you can print directly from a memory card (by inserting the card into the slot on the side of the printer) or print wirelessly from your phone or from any computer, anywhere!

Disadvantages for this printer 

As our other HP (HP Deskjet 812) printer, it's a little noisier than I would like - but it is a serious problem. It seems you always hear the print and the inner workings of turn before each print job heads, that's all. And the engine itself easily hear whenever something is printed.At first, we were confused about why HP offers 20 free apps in the desktop software - Disney as an application, an NBC News application, the application of crosswords, and an application of the Comic Strip, to name a few. Encouraged to use one or more of these applications to automatically program and print unique content on a regular basis - like every day. The idea is to have printed pages that await you every morning, so you have all the information of the day that you particularly interested. Get print more pages over time, HP does not want to buy more ink in time - it's a great marketing strategy. But it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to kill as many trees and print as many pages instead of reading the same content online on a computer or a smart phone instead. Nothing. It is what it is, not as attractive to us.While the printer itself looks like a piece of equipment that will last for decades (as our previous HP did), the waste paper seems a bit low for me. It is very small, but that sticks out and - beyond the dimensions of the paper itself. This makes it very easy to travel or take things - like the sleeves of a shirt with long sleeves, parts move freely open a jacket or sweater, bag or backpack straps hanging ... you get the idea. Let's see how long this little tray of hard plastic in my husband's office where nothing is treated with delicacy.
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